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Dear Ms Massey, I bought your book, Beat Depression and Reclaim your life 1 hour ago, and have been reading it since. I have read a large number of books on depression, hoping to be able to finally accept and live with my own. This is the first one that I feel has truly spoken to me ­ the paralysing nothingness, desperation and hopelessness you talk of, the anger, frustration and need for control ­ it has really hit home, and I know that this book will become an invaluable tool for me for recovery and beyond. I will be recommending it to all those I know who live with depression, both “sufferers”, and friends/family who have to put up with me and my moods during my darkest days. I wish to thank you for such an inspiring, understanding and life-changing book.


Hello Alexandra I just wanted to tell you how comforting and inspiring I find your book. Ive been depressed for over 10 years and have read countless books on depression but never from someone who has actually been depressed and offers such practical, helpful advice. What you say about surrendering to it is an eye opener as I have never actually done that and since I started reading your book I feel more hopeful and determined I’m going to find myself again! So thank you so very much as I feel you’re with me encouraging me. James

Hi Alexandra Your book is helping me a lot. I have read many books on depression but yours is the best because you know how it feels. I don’t want to know about serotonin etc…I just want a strategy. People look at me and think I have a lot going for me…..I feel the total opposite. I’ve finally given in to how bad I feel….like the Cessna plane!! I’ve stopped acting…..I’m such a brilliant actor……… I’ll keep in touch. I have found a good therapist and that is helping. Regards James


I just wanted to say thanks for your book. I’m a 39 year old male and I have been going through this hell for years. I don’t want to use medication ever again so I needed another strategy. Thank you again.


Hi Just wanted to let you know that I’m currently signed off work for the second time in a year with depression, and I’m working my way through your brilliant book in my time out from work. It’s like having someone put an arm round you and tell you how to take care of yourself and put yourself first, and is the most honest and psychobabble free book i’ve read in the 2 years i’ve been sick. For the first time I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. If only for that ­ thankyou.

R Peters:

‘At last, a book I can understand and relate to. Massey’s insight is a marvel, jargon free and to the point. Following her advice, I feel on the ladder to recovery. It felt as if the writer were talking to me and understanding exactly what I had been going through. I look forward to future publications.’

Sally Cooke

‘This empowering read leads you away from fog where eerie shadows and distant growls taunt to a place called home with familiar shapes and friendly voices.’

Jane Wagner

‘This book is a quick shot of empathy and sound advice for the days when you need it most. Alexandra Massey puts depression in perspective without downplaying its crushing effects.The good news is, you don’t have to feel crushed anymore. I’ve tried all the suggestions in this book and have been amazed at how quickly they could bring relief at the worst of times.’

Julia Worral

‘This is not a book by a doctor writing about patients, and it’s not full of ‘self-help’ platitudes. It is written by an ordinary woman who has suffered from depression herself and has some very practical advice on what to do about it. She knows depression is terrible - but she also knows you can get through it. What should you eat when you’re depressed? What do you do if you’re just barely functioning? What if you’re so depressed you can’t move? What’ll happen if you just hide under the covers? (I tried this, thinking it would last hours, but I got bored after about 20 minutes. And I never would’ve tried it if not for this book.) Best of all, there’s a 14-day plan to get you back on track as fast as possible. Looking at the journal I kept while following the plan, I can see the external problems I wrote about haven’t gone away - but I’m not depressed about them anymore. No more obsessive misery - that’s what this book can help you

Nicky Hayward, MBE

‘Alexandra Massey makes relief from depression immediately accessible in her practical and simple guide.With the experience from the pain of her own personal journey, she guides us to a way out. Every detail of this inspiring book is designed to enable readers to find the help and relief they need, quickly and easily ... from a simple physical action to a delicious and nourishing recipe ... help is at hand. It is a true gift from a generous woman who has taken the time to share her experience to benefit others… a treasure for all in emotional pain.’

Brian Cross

‘After several years of severe depression which at times reached suicidal inclinations a basic survival instinct seemed to kick in and I achieved a sort of mental balance. I concluded (a) my condition was chronic, and (b) like a recurring back problem, should be accepted and ‘lived with’.What I did not perceive at that time was that unlike a back problem, which generally limits its effect to one of physical incapacity, which a dedicated program of rest and exercise may cure, a severe bout of depression has far greater and more widereaching effects on my entire existence and added mental scars, further disabling me the next time it occurred. In hind site, I now believe that even my own ‘back problem’was aggravated by my depression, perhaps to the extent that I ‘willed’ a physical problem to provide occasional relief from the mental anguish I more often than not was experiencing. It was by chance that I read this book and, for the first time ever, what I was reading gently produced novel thoughts and a real awareness that I (a) I could analyse without anguish or guilt where my depression was emanating from, and (b) a real sense of opportunity that I could regain control of my life in a peaceful and orderly manner. Depression still plays a part in my life. However, like laughter, I now see it as a very necessary emotion, and just one emotion out of the many we all require to achieve a balanced and healthy mental condition. Thank you, Alexandra Massey.’

Linda Brook

‘I have spent the last two years of my life feeling very depressed and utterly helpless. I was also immensely frustrated as I was unable to identify any reason for my depression. I always felt that if I could discover why I felt like I did, I might be able to do something positive towards helping myself. But it was too overwhelming to try to seek help as I always felt no-one would be able to understand or help. However, I came across this book and was immediately drawn to it. I started reading it and felt finally that here was someone who really understood what it was like to be depressed and who was offering sound and practical advice on how to try and make my life better. I felt I would like to take some of the advice to see if it could really change my life. So I decided to take the chapter ‘confront the authority’ and put this to practice. I quickly realised that in all areas of my life, I was still, at the age of 38, obeying other people’s rules and going through my life as though I had no idea that I could actually change the rules.Although many other parts of the book completely make sense, it was this particular section that hit the spot. I cannot describe adequately enough how by following this sound practical advice my life has changed for the better. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. At last here is someone who can really understand this debilitating problem and offer sound, practical and beneficial advice. Thank you.’

“A brilliant new book” Daily Mail

“Offers a practical lifeline to depression sufferers” Ok! Magazine

“There are plenty of books on the market about depression but this one stands out”‘ - Women’s Health

“Alexandra gives inspiration and hope to those trying to beat depression and her common-sense tangible suggestions could make a difference to many people’s lives”- Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive, Sane

” …a practical guide on how to deal with physical and mental aspects and social conflicts.” The Good Book Guide ” Great advice on how to deal with depression naturally” Here’s Health

“…it could inspire many people to regain control of their lives and climb out of their depression” Mental Health Nursing

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