Recommendations for Best Results


clockMake sure you have a full hour to listen to each step and absorb the information. Don’t rush because you will only be rushing your recovery. You’ve been depressed long enough and it’s important to leave plenty of time for your healing.


ChairFind a place where you feel safe and comfortable. You want to listen to the program somewhere where you won’t be disturbed. Treat this hour like an hour with a counsellor; you would have the door closed and be tuned in with yourself and no one else. Do the same with this program.


drinkMake sure you have a drink and maybe a snack ­ looking after yourself in this way is part of the healing process.


headphonesListening through headphones is a good idea as it will give you a sense of seclusion. This program is for you and having other people overhear what comes out of the video may inhibit you.

The Journal

notepadThe most important thing is to have a journal ready. Find yourself a beautiful blank notebook which you can use to chart your progress and recovery. This book will be close to your heart so make sure it’s something you love writing in.



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