The Program ­ Chapter Summaries

1. Understanding Depression ­ Because Knowledge Is Power

Learn about depression, why you’re depressed and what caused it. Understanding this helps you to gain back control because it separates the fact from the fiction. You maybe surprised when you discover what really causes depression.

2. Stress Busters

Let’s get those stress levels down! Too much stress hinders recovery from depression so it’s important to tackle any anxieties first. These techniques are simple, fun and effective.

3. Surrender

The start of the healing process with a technique called ‘surrender’. Instead of trying to keep everything in control, this step teaches you to let go. Letting go will bring you instant relief and help you to start to feel hopeful again.

4. Healing Your Inner Self

This step is to help you reconnect with your inner-self, giving you the quiet time you need to experience your journey of self discovery. It will guide you to where the healing happens and shows you practical ways of restoring a feeling of peace and well being.

5. How To Stop Worrying

Worrying is a big part of feeling depressed so this topic has its own step. We look at how to stop worrying with techniques that will give you immediate relief and perhaps even have you giggling. You can go straight to this one if you’re a big worrier.

6. Become Your Own Best Friend

You can learn to develop the same kind of tolerant goodwill, positive attitude and love for yourself that you feel towards people whom you love. More than any other step, this is the one that can help you to feel better, faster. Learning this skill will, literally, change your life.

7. The Most Powerful Technique To Beat Depression

This step takes you to the very core of your depressed, your hidden anger. Hidden anger is what keeps you depressed and this step will help you to discover where and when you fell angry and how to release it, safely, so that it no longer keeps you in the depression loop.

8. The WOW Factor ­ Learning To Say ‘No’

By now you should be feeling buoyant, hopeful and energised so this step helps you to keep it that way. Discover how to protect yourself from doing what others want even when you don’t want to. Learn how to set boundaries, learn to say no and put yourself first so that you continue to develop your inner strengthen.

9. 10 Tips To Stay Happy

As it says on the can ­ 10 well researched ways to continue your progress and ensure you don’t slip back. Tips on exercise, diet, vitamins, lifestyle etc. to guide you towards a lifestyle that will encourage good emotional health and help you to stay focused on the goal of being happy.

10. Your Best Year Ever

Here is the perfect guide to help you realise your goals over the next 12 months. In one hour discover what you want to achieve and how to achieve it - in tiny steps. It’s not until you have the space to think what you hope to achieve do you know what you want to achieve.

The Program

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